For members by members.

Everyone who owns an NFT from the Maiar Ghosts Collection is eligible to participate in the Discord Ambitious Organization. It is a private group in charge of decentralization, animation and project development.

Every day, the members come up with fresh ideas! We discuss, vote on and implement them.

Easy way

The Gokai Labs team loves creating and interacting with their community.

There’s plenty of stuff coming up like collector Voxel, Comic and 3D NFTs or SFTs. 3D-printed, T-shirts, stickers, and more are growing here.

Our app is bound to evolve, add a tracking dashboard, add a formal rarity system and plenty of other cool stuff.

Road to Elrond validator

DAO members are unanimous.

Launching a node and becoming a staking provider is the path to take. A node will always keep running, no matter what.

Why is this important?

In Asia, there are only 6% of Elrond nodes in activity. We are the perfect organization to be a part of the security of the Elrond network in Asia.

It's not impossible!

We're currently 2360 EGLD short of this goal. 7439 NFTs are still to be minted. That means we'll need to hit a median mint price of 0.32 EGLD.

Road to DAO

What we love about web3 is its decentralization. Decentralization allows a lot of people around the world to run an organization. And it needs a few tools.

An open-source application

An open-source application is needed that allows developers to contribute and maintain it.

A governance system

Governance is already active on Discord, and we are searching for a better solution.

A multi-sig wallet

The multisig wallet will be enabled when Elrond’s Multisig system goes live.

More roads

Several ideas have already surfaced as to what the next step could be. All of these ideas will first need to be voted on by the members.


We’ve yet to unleash our full creative power. We want to create a gameplay experience to be as immersive and engaging as possible.


Staking is a requested feature that we could add, although passive income alone might be appropriate.


There are many charitable organizations in Thailand. One is one we want to help, the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, helping homeless dogs.

Ecological project

We have a lot of palm oil fields in Thailand. It is possible to exploit their full potential while improving biodiversity.

Cannabis farm

In Thailand, cannabis just got legalized. We are already a registered grower. This could be a significant stream of revenue.

Coffee Shop

We're looking to open up a new kind of crypto coffee shop with discounts for those who pay with the Maiar wallet and benefits for NFT holders.

Comic strip

We know it comes down to this. And we're about to surprise you on this one point.

No way

We are not planning a second collection; this collection will be one-of-a-kind! Members can only receive collector's NFTs.

We are not planning ESDT tokens for now because we don't think they add any value. EGLD or LKMEX are good enough even for staking or gaming.

Everything comes down to the votes of the members who make the decisions.

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